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Scott Macpherson, Founder and President, has been a pilot and manager in corporate aviation for over 25 years, with experience in Citations and Falcons. Scott led his flight department to receive IBAC's first IS-BAO certificate. As a corporate aviation manager and chief pilot, he saw the need for a single source for all the recurrent safety training elements common in best practices standards, such as the IS-BAO, and required by regulators and underwriters.

Nik Chapman, Vice President Operations, is a key member of the leadership team, overseeing content production and quality assurance processes. Nik holds an Executive MBA and has held various management roles in aviation, such as Chief Pilot and Operations Manager. He currently works as a regional airline pilot and is a published technical writer and editor. He has training and experience as an aviation safety and quality auditor.

Laurie Bristow, Chief Financial Officer, is a Chartered Accountant with over 25 years of experience in a variety of business sectors and senior roles, including VP – Finance & Administration. He has worked with companies both large and small, gaining extensive experience in, among other things, strategic planning, financial and risk management, and human resources.

Arielle Ang, Technical Writer/Editor, contributes her knowledge of online learning and writing styles to the production of quality lessons and social media for She has a BA in English and Psychology, and through her experience in both fields of study, she creates content that is comprehensive and engaging.

Anita Barker, Business Process Analyst, brings an extensive corporate background to the development and continuous improvement of's internal and customer service processes. She is the interpreter between programmers and's client-driven or internal site improvement wishes, and shepherds ongoing enhancements through all phases from initial scoping to deployment.

Oliver Brownie, Technical Advisor, has 15 years of professional flying experience. He brings with him an in-depth understanding of corporate aviation, as well as northern and off-strip flying. He has held roles in safety management and training with some of Canada’s leading business aircraft operators. He holds a BSc in Geography.

Andelka Brtan, Administrative Assistant, brings a wealth of high-calibre professional experience from various industries to her role at She holds an Office Administrator with Technology Program certificate and an Analytical Chemistry Technician diploma, and has over 10 years of experience in the administrative field.

Nadia Cealbas, Graphic Department Lead, has over ten years of experience in the fields of web and graphic design. She holds a Bachelor's degree in Computer Science and a diploma in Animation Art and Design. She contributes her technical skills and creativity to’s visual content.

David Cho, Motion Graphics Designer, has over 4 years of experience turning fantasies into frames using his conceptualization, storyboarding, and animation skills. He holds a BA in Interactive Arts and Technology, and an Honours Diploma in Digital Design.

Farah Faruqi, Sales Manager, has over ten years of experience in business aviation sales and marketing, and twenty years of experience in a variety of client relations roles. Farah organizes our sales activities and representatives, ensuring that we grow sustainably and in order to continue to serve the requests of our clients.

Brent Fishlock, Technical Advisor Team Lead, brings over ten years of flight experience to his work at He has held numerous senior flight training positions in established companies and has extensive knowledge of SMS. He has a Bachelor’s degree in History and a diploma in Forestry.

Phil Gillam, Chief Technology Officer, oversees's website and programming needs. He has over 20 years of senior-level experience in the IT field, with a diverse background ranging from network management and design to IT infrastructure troubleshooting.

Erick Grigorovski, Graphic Designer, has over ten years of experience in motion graphics, animation, illustration, and branding. He holds a BA in graphic design and has received several international awards for his film and animation work.

Jon Leskowski, Motion Graphic Designer, has several years of experience in various facets of design, including print design, video editing, and architectural design. He holds an advanced diploma in multimedia production.

Stewart MacPherson, Technical Advisor, has been in the FBO business for over 20 years. He started as line crew and progressed to Operations Manager at a busy FBO. He has been heavily involved in both ramp and customer service training, and is an accredited IS-BAH (International Standards for Business Aircraft Handling) auditor and the current chair of the Standards Board for IS-BAH.

Bob Rorison, Technical Advisor, has served as the Director of Maintenance and Chief of Maintenance for several corporate aircraft operators, and has extensive experience in Human Factors.  He is currently an Instructor/Auditor for one of North America’s largest aerospace technology schools. Among his other roles, he acts as the Vice President and Director of Operations for the Pacific AME Association.

Jonathan Stodel, Technical Advisor, specializes in avionics system integration and certification and MRO operations. He has over 20 years of aviation experience, including time as a commercial pilot. In addition to his avionics work, he has been actively involved in developing maintenance, operations and SMS manuals for corporate operators and maintenance organizations.  His other experience includes project management, business start-up and operation, and business transformation.

Mary Watt, Instructional Designer, specializes in online learning and educational development. She has over fifteen years of experience in instructional design and project management, and holds a Master's degree in Education and a BA in Business Administration. Mary analyses's material and delivery system against current instructional design principles on an ongoing basis, and provides strategies for innovation and improvement.

The team and our content partners are committed to serving your training needs through continuous improvement of our content and web-delivery system, client focus and cost effectiveness.

Scott Macpherson
Founder and President

Nik Chapman
Vice President Operations

Laurie Bristow
Chief Financial Officer



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