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A Message from our CEO – Bryan Barratt

Author: Bryan Barratt

As we head toward the end of what has been a unique year – especially for the (business) aviation community – I’d like to reflect on the resilience of our organization and our industry. I suggest we can collectively be proud as in industry of how we’ve led and managed (through) the pandemic, what we have learned, how we’ve adapted, and what we’ve accomplished.

Here at, some of our 2020 milestones have included the completion of all new Part 135 content, pending launch of new Food Safety and Communicable Disease content, the seamless move to (fully) ‘remote’ operations (while still retaining our bricks & mortar offices in Vancouver and Melbourne), the successful ‘digital’ recruiting and onboarding of new employees,  and the initial launch of our brand new, state-of-the-art digital training platform. We have also significantly achieved progress on several intriguing new features we look forward to sharing and launching in 2021.

Likewise, I am impressed by so many of the milestones that our industry has achieved… from issues such as the initial repatriation of people around the globe, operators’ ability & commitment to work through significant operational and regulatory challenges, increased safety throughout the passenger experience, increased commitment to the use SAF, incredible new aircraft coming to market, etc.

This all goes to the spirit, tenacity, ingenuity, leadership, and perseverance that aviation has always demonstrated and shown… with business aviation consistently at the leading edge. While there is still lots to do and accomplish, we can collectively be thankful for what we have, what we have achieved, and where we are going! We celebrate and sincerely commend each of you, your teams, passengers, companies, etc.

We continue to passionately view our clients as ‘partners’ and/or ‘family’… and hence from all of us at, we wish you continued health, safety, and success. Whether you experience the challenges of more or less ‘restrictions’, we hope you enjoy a warm and wonderful Christmas/Holiday season with family & loved ones.

While we could collectively further bemoan what 2020 has been, we have learned tons about ourselves, our teams, etc. and hence here is to our industry having the best year ever in 2021! With our sincere thanks, appreciation, and warmest regards to you & your families…


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