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A Message from our CEO – Bryan Barratt

As we continue through this COVID-19 pandemic, we at TrainingPort remain committed to stand ready to serve you. In ongoing rather unique & challenging times, our people remain at the core of who our company is, and what we do. When looking at the 4 key pillars of any organization…  People, Strategy, Execution, and Cash Flow…  it is more important than ever to invest in People, such that they continue to be well prepared and positioned to help others.

As COVID unfolded rapidly back in March, we were in the midst of many significant changes & improvements within TrainingPort. Like many organizations, we quickly moved to remote work; we seamlessly & successfully transitioned technologically, but the concern of staying socially & emotionally connected (while physically distant) was concerning. To try to best ensure we could do so, we decided  to dedicate 1 hour 2-3 times weekly on a ‘Team Connect’ call…  that was specifically & expressly to allow our People to remain as ‘connected’ as possible.

While initially being somewhat unsure how effective this would be, we simply encouraged a platform where everyone gets a regular opportunity to share what is on their mind, including fears, challenges, questions, inspiration and ‘wins’…  and we discovered many interesting results.

The calls were not mandatory, but we maintained a 98% participation rate.

Our existing ‘remote’ employees became more connected (to their colleagues) than ever.

We learned interesting things about each other, such as unique gardening skills (propagating a 100 year rose plant), bike riding passions, several being scuba certified, and colleagues involved in local politics…  to other diverse info, such as incredible bread recipes and videos of ‘bike-riding baby-stealing monkeys!!!’

Through it all, our team became more connected than ever. Last week we collectively reflected on what resonated most for each; responses included such statements as “with great leadership we can overcome any barrier”, “I initially questioned the (calls’) value, but recognize we have such a strong sense of family”, “hospitality is at the heart of our TrainingPort way of life”, “it’s so great to fully understand what each group does and realize we have no silos’, and “I can’t remember what it was like before”. It was truly rewarding as a team, and we recognize that the investment of time into our People and their social well-being has been more than well worth it.

We are in this for the long haul, our passion is to continue to help your Business Aviation excel, and we remain ready to do so. I similarly encourage each of you to appropriately prioritize investment in your people, and best supporting their social and emotional connection through challenging circumstances.

You are why we do what we do, and we are privileged to be a small part of your operation and success!

Until we can meet in person…


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