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TrainingPort.net is an established online business aviation training provider. We offer customized programs for your entire flight department, all compliant with EASA, FAA, Transport Canada and many other regulations.

We consolidate over 80 unique aviation-related topics for all personnel in fixed- and rotary-wing operations. Our automated currency assurance system makes sure that you’re up to date with your training.

With lessons that take just 15 minutes to complete, our mobile-compatible programs make your path to currency a simple and convenient one.

Make TrainingPort.net your solution for online aviation training today.

The Team


Founder and President

Scott has been a pilot and manager in corporate aviation for over 25 years, with experience in Citations and Falcons. Scott led his flight department to receive IBAC’s first IS-BAO certificate. As a corporate aviation manager and chief pilot, he saw the need for a single source for all the recurrent safety training elements common in best practices standards (e.g., IS-BAO), and required by regulators and underwriters.


Senior Vice President

Nik is a key member of the TrainingPort.net leadership team, overseeing content production and quality assurance processes. Nik holds an Executive MBA and has held various management roles in aviation, such as Chief Pilot and Operations Manager. He currently works as a regional airline pilot and is a published technical writer and editor. He has training and experience as an aviation safety and quality auditor.



Farah has over ten years of experience in business aviation sales and marketing, and twenty years of experience in a variety of client relations roles. Farah organizes TrainingPort’s sales activities and representatives, ensuring that we grow sustainably and in order to continue to serve the requests of our clients.

Why TrainingPort Matters

A number of decades ago, a friend and colleague of Scott Macpherson’s was involved in a fatal accident during his flight training. While performing a low pass, he pulled the stick on the aircraft too hard and stalled into his front yard as his family watched.

The next morning, Scott found out about the accident. He was supposed to fly the very same plane that day.

It was then that Scott decided to combine his passion for flying and his studies in psychology to understand how his friend, someone just like him, who was going through the exact same training, could make that mistake.

TrainingPort.net was born out of a lifelong pursuit to help those with a passion for flying avoid preventable human error.

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