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TrainingPort.net has been business aviation’s preferred online training provider since 2006. Working alongside industry-leading experts, we offer fully customizable scenario-based training for your entire flight department—all compliant with FAA, Transport Canada, and EASA regulations. TrainingPort.net is also your complete training solution for IS-BAO and IS-BAH registration.

We provide over 90 unique topics for all personnel in fixed and rotary wing operations. Topics we offer include Crew Resource Management (CRM), Performance Airspace, and Occupational Health and Safety (OHS). Individual lessons within each topic are 15 minutes in length.

Train anywhere in the world, on any device you choose. With an automated currency assurance system and programs calibrated to your operation’s needs, TrainingPort.net offers your flight department a simple and adaptive path to regulatory compliance.

TrainingPort.net’s mission is to help business aviation professionals excel through innovation, high quality content, and excellent service.

Our Story

Why TrainingPort Matters

Nearly four decades ago, Scott Macpherson’s friend and colleague was involved in a fatal accident during his flight training. While performing a low pass, he pulled the stick on the aircraft too hard and stalled into his front yard as his family watched.

The next morning, Scott found out about the accident. He was supposed to fly the very same plane that day.

It was then that Scott decided to combine his passion for flying and his studies in psychology to understand how his friend, someone with similar experiences and training as him, could make that mistake.

TrainingPort.net was born out of a lifelong pursuit to reduce the effects of human error.

Our People

scott macpherson - trainingport client advocate and founder

Scott Macpherson

Founder & Client Advocate

Bryan Barratt - TrainingPort new CEO

Bryan Barratt

Chief Executive Officer

Laurie Bristow

Chief Financial Officer

colin joe - trainingport project manager

Colin Joe

Chief Technology Officer

Nik Champan - Creative & Technical Lead

Nik Chapman

Senior Vice President

farah faruqi - trainingport sales manager

Farah Faruqi

Canada Sales Manager

Brent Fishlock

Technical Advisor Lead

Brian Laird

U.S. Senior Sales Manager


Amandio Magalhaes

Software Developer

Hannah Strelau

Sales Coordinator

Jenna Pennacchioli

Sales Coordinator

Melissa White

Culture & Talent Development Manager


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