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5G Smartphone Interference with Aircraft Equipment

Virtually everyone uses a smartphone and, as customers, we would like faster and faster service. 5G will provide that faster...

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International Procedures

Getting Back to Flying There’s been a lot of talk about getting back to flying as the pandemic winds down....

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Key Requirements for Flying in China During COVID-19

Background Seamlessly executing an international flight is a complicated endeavor involving many different regulatory bodies.  Flight crew must consider not...

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Business Aviation and Quality Assurance

A well-rounded approach to measuring the success of your aircraft maintenance department can involve many factors, however the most important...

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Joint Annual Training: Are You in Compliance?

In September 2019, a new Crew Resource Management Training Standard, “Contemporary CRM” went into effect (AC-700-042). As part of this...

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Human Factors vs. Common Sense

Author: Scott Linn, MS CHFP, is an active partner at Critical Reliability Consulting, providing valuable Human Factors content and… common...

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Ep 22 – Lithium-ion Battery Fires

CRM, Podcast | June 1, 2020

Introduction Hello aviation professionals, and welcome to Podcast 22: Lithium Battery Fires. Most of our industry is in tough times,...

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Ep 21 – Sample Oceanic Checklist Part 2

CRM, Podcast | April 16, 2020

Welcome to Part 2 of Sample Oceanic Checklist. First off, I would like to say that this has been a...

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Ep 20 – Sample Oceanic Checklist Part 1

CRM, Podcast | February 28, 2020

Hello aviation professionals. Today I’m going to start with the In the News segment of the podcast, so let’s change...

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Ep 19 – North Atlantic, More Changes!

Podcast, CRM | January 31, 2020

Hello and welcome to podcast number 19. First, I would like to thank Scott Macpherson, Founder of, for taking...

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Ep 18 – Sustainable Aviation Fuel: Interview with Kurt Edwards, Director General of IBAC

CRM, Podcast | December 13, 2019

In this episode, Scott Macpherson interviews Kurt Edwards, the Director General of the International Business Aviation Council, about business aviation’s...

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Ep 17 – Supersonic Business Jets

CRM, Podcast | November 6, 2019

Supersonic flight is the stuff of dreams. Perhaps you know someone that is (or was) a fighter pilot, or a...

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