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Pending Canadian Contemporary CRM Requirements for Commercial Ops

Updated on September 24, 2019 Author: Brent Fishlock Hello, Canadian Commercial Operators. We have received answers from Transport Canada to...

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Performance Airspace | March 23, 2018

Performance-Based Communication and Surveillance (PBCS) is the next step in ICAO’s global plan that has seen the expansion of Performance-Based...

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Will The New PBCS Changes Affect You?

Performance Airspace | February 28, 2018

Performance-Based Navigation (PBN) offers incredible benefits to air navigation. ICAO is working hard to harmonize Performance-Based Communication Surveillance (PBCS) requirements...

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How to protect yourself from a level bust or worse due to incorrect altitude acquisition during a SID/STAR

Performance Airspace | June 16, 2017

ICAO Doc 4444 PANS-ATM (15th Edition) has recently been modified with Amendments 7a and 7b. Among the many changes contained...

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An Ops Spec to qualify an operator to receive an Ops Spec…

Performance Airspace | November 8, 2013

Author: Scott Macpherson When started in 2006, there was a list of, at most, 20 topics that business aircraft...

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ADS-B Training Available – Free

ADS-B, Performance Airspace | November 7, 2013

Author: staff   We’ve released a new topic, ADS-B, and we’re making it available to our complete subscription clients at no...

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