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Ep 33 – Fatigue and Incapacitation

Podcast | March 28, 2023

New fatigue rules are here, and it can be a complex issue. How do you know if you are fatigued?...

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Ep 32 – Ground Proximity Warning Disabled

Podcast | October 6, 2022

Do you duck under the slope? I sure have. Have I intentionally landed long? Sure have. I landed very long...

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Ep 31 – Cosmic Radiation

Podcast | July 5, 2022

How Much Cosmic Radiation Is Too Much? Hello, and welcome to the podcast. How much cosmic radiation is too much?...

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Ep 30 – Decarbonization

Podcast | June 8, 2022

 Why Is Decarbonization Important? Decarbonization has lofty goals for all industries, including aviation. Net-zero emissions are not just a...

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Ep 29 – 5G Radio Altimeter Interference

Regs, Podcast | November 26, 2021

What’s The Potential Impact of A Radio Altimeter Failure on Aircraft Systems? If your radio altimeter failed or started to...

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Ep 28 – International Procedures

Regs, Podcast | August 10, 2021

Introduction Getting Back to Flying as The Pandemic Winds Down There’s been a lot of talk about getting back to...

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Ep 27 – Runway Surface Conditions Using GRF and TALPA

Podcast, Regs | June 29, 2021

Introduction Hello everyone. Today I’ll be talking about ICAO’s new Global Reporting Format (GRF) for runway surface conditions. GRF Applicability...

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Ep 26 – Runway Excursions GAPPRE Report

Regs, Podcast | March 26, 2021

Introduction Over the last ten years, runway excursion occurrence numbers have remained steady. Large and small aircraft alike have departed...

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Ep 25 – Wake Turbulence Recategorization

Regs, Podcast | January 15, 2021

Introduction Hello aviation professionals, and welcome to Podcast 25: Wake Turbulence Recategorization. ICAO has recently, as of November 5, 2020,...

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Ep 24 – Electric Airplanes And New Oceanic Procedures

Regs, Podcast | October 22, 2020

Introduction Welcome to the podcast. Today I’m going to talk electric planes and also discuss new global oceanic contingency procedures...

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Ep 23 – Oceanic ATC Zero and In-Flight COVID-19

Introduction Hello podcast listeners, and thanks for joining me. I will be talking about communicable diseases and some ATC Zero...

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Ep 22 – Lithium-ion Battery Fires

CRM, Podcast | June 1, 2020

Introduction Hello aviation professionals, and welcome to Podcast 22: Lithium Battery Fires. Most of our industry is in tough times,...

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