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Managing safety, from prescription to performance

SMS | March 2, 2016

Author: Nik Chapman When operating according to a standard that employs performance-based management systems like an SMS, QMS or FRMS,...

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A Plan For Canadian Private Operator Non-Type Training Requirements

SMS, Regs | December 21, 2015

Author: Scott Macpherson At the 2014 CBAA Convention in Edmonton, distributed a document comparing the non-type specific training requirements...

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Ctrl, Alt, Delete – Part IV: Advantages

IS-BAO, SMS | September 3, 2015

Author: Scott Macpherson There are many advantages touted regarding the implementation and sustained use of an SMS and the IS-BAO/IS-BAH....

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Ctrl, Alt, Delete – Part III: Simplicity

IS-BAO, SMS | August 26, 2015

Author: Scott Macpherson In speeches and writings in the business aviation community, there seems to be an unfortunate belief in...

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Ctrl, Alt, Delete – Part II: Is it safe to be human?

SMS | July 2, 2015

Author: Scott Macpherson To reboot to a fresh starting point in safety management, we should probably admit a few things...

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Ctrl, Alt, Delete – Part I: A Plea for Sanity

IS-BAO, SMS | June 12, 2015

Author: Scott Macpherson Business aviation has embraced Safety Management Systems as the way to systematically identify and manage risks through...

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How Good Intentions Can Lead to Negative Training

CRM, SMS | November 13, 2014

Author: Scott Macpherson Every year, we read many clients’ manuals from many parts of the world, and we regularly observe...

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Is the FRAT Undermining Your Safety Initiatives?

SMS | September 12, 2014

Author: Jeff Whitman   The FRAT, also known as the Flight Risk Assessment Tool, has gained a lot of traction...

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