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Blog’s Value to You, Part III: Constant Revision of Written and Visual Content

Author: Scott Macpherson

Part of what drove the creation of was the recognition that while it was possible to get training on most topics, getting recurrent training every one or two years was impossible. So, solved this by hiring a full-time production team of graphic artists and technical writers to create original content for new topics, which are then revised on a rotating schedule.

We have been delivering training since 2006. Now in 2014, we are on our third or fourth version of most topics. Since the beginning, we have sought to provide industry-leading graphics and lesson design, and we have always accepted feedback from clients on what can be improved.

In addition, we knew early on that we couldn’t be experts on everything, so we continuously spend a great deal of effort identifying and establishing contracts with well-recognized Subject Matter Experts for each topic. We are delighted to have¬†the innovators of, and world experts on, a number of our fields, such as Airborne Weather Radar (Archie Trammell and Erik Eliel), Fatigue Management (Alertness Solutions), and Upset Recovery Training (APS Training), to name a few.

Our Quality Assurance and Control system allows us to make mid-stream corrections as the regulations, standards, and practices change, even when revision cycles have not begun. A very recent example for our Canadian Corporate Aviation clients is the enactment of a brand new body of regulations for Canadian private operators. By the time you read this, we will have revised the lessons that review these regulations, and we will have planned the transition for our Canadian CAR 604 clients to meet the new rules within their exemption period.

Similarly, we use AeroEx, our EU representative, to ensure that our content and EU client programs are compliant with EASA regulations, and to also help manage risks as appropriate for individual EU clients.

Ultimately, our goal is to support clients’ risk management activities.


Scott Macpherson is the President and Founder of and Vice Chairman of the International Business Aviation Council (IBAC) Governing Board. He is currently Captain on a Falcon 900LX.

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