New NAT Special Authorization (SA) Requirements from Transport Canada

The information below was first published by the Canadian Business Aviation Association on January 23, 2020 in their online Member Forum and has been posted here with CBAA’s permission. The original post can be found on their website with login credentials. If you are not a member, no problem, all the relevant information is here.

Transport Canada has advised that their previously issued Civil Aviation Safety Alert (CASA) 2019-10 Issue 01 was too vague and difficult to understand, therefore they will reissue the CASA. In the meantime, Canadian operators need to know what they have to do to be authorized to fly in the North Atlantic, NAT HLA airspace, and with what equipment. Special Authorizations are required to operate in the newly named NAT HLA (MNPS).

The main issue is that all current NAT MNPS special authorizations will no longer be valid for flights operating across the North Atlantic as of January 31, 2020 in NAT HLA airspace between FL290 and FL410. In its place, a new special authorization called NAT HLA MNPS will have to be added to the operator’s PORD or AOC in order to transit the North Atlantic from FL290 to FL410 in the NAT HLA airspace which includes NAT OTS and Blue Spruce Routes. Airspace ABOVE FL410 or BELOW FL290 is not affected by this new SA.

How do you apply for this new SA?

The operator emails their POI applying for the NAT HLA MNPS special authorization. TC will reply by email including a compliance guide to verify equipment and training requirements.

If you wish to operate in the Organized Track System, there are 4 Special Authorizations that an operator must hold:

  2. RVSM;
  3. RNP 4 or RNP 10; and
  4. PBCS (ADS-C with proof of contract)

What if you don’t have PBCS? Where can you operate?

If you hold the first 3 SAs listed above and the ADS-B SA, you may operate on the Blue Spruce Routes only.

To summarize, if you already possess RVSM, RNP 4 & 10, and PBCS (ADS-C with proof of contract), the next step is to e-mail TC for the application for the NAT HLA MNPS special authorization. A compliance guide will be sent out to verify equipment and training requirements. Once it has been returned and reviewed, a new PORD or AOC will be issued which will contain the new NAT HLA MNPS special authorization.

If you do not possess PBCS with ADS-C, but you are either ADS-B capable or already hold a special authorization for ADS-B, you will need to apply for the NAT HLA MNPS via email and a similar compliance guide will be sent out to verify equipment and training requirements. The difference is that your special authorization will be restricted to the Blue Spruce Routes only. You can request the ADS-B special authorization in the email if you don’t have it already. Simply note that in your e-mail request.

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Original CASA 2019-10 Issue 01 that will be replaced:

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