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Meet the professionals that are actively transforming how online training is done.

Our dedicated in-house team members provide a diverse skillset that allows us to provide comprehensive training and support services for all our partners’ needs. Below are some of our team members:

Hansa Boodhonee Account Manager

Scott Macpherson Founder & Client Advocate

Agatha Rutkowski Customer Support Representative

Brian Laird Chief Commercial Officer

Ruth Bouhaddi Software Developer

Bryan Barratt Chief Executive Officer

Nik Chapman Senior Vice President, Creative & Technical Operations

Colin Joe Chief Technology Officer

Brent Fishlock Technical Advisor Team Lead

Laurie Bristow Chief Financial Officer

Amandio Magalhaes Software Developer

Camilo Bustos Motion Graphics Designer

Hansa Boodhonee
Account Manager

Based in Toronto, ON, Hansa serves as the single point of contact for our client partners around the world. Originally from the island paradise of Mauritius, Hansa has lived on three continents and is fluent in four languages. With over five years of Account Management experience, she has an unparalleled eye for detail and is passionate about delivering service excellence.

Scott Macpherson
Founder & Client Advocate

Founder & President of, has been a pilot and manager in corporate aviation for over 30 years, most recently flying a Falcon 900LX. Scott’s flight department was the first IS-BAO registered operator, and he continues to be a strong supporter of the standard. He has served on the Board of Directors of the Canadian Business Aviation Association (CBAA) and as the Chairman of the International Business Aviation Council (IBAC) governing board. Scott is a great mentor figure in the business aviation world, and his safety-first approach to aviation training played a key role in his motivation to start, business aviation’s first comprehensive online training solution.

Agatha Rutkowski
Customer Support Representative

Agatha thrives on connecting with people.  Leveraging her superb communication skills alongside a friendly and inviting demeanor, she creates a tranquil atmosphere for all customer support interactions.  Her genuine passion for assisting others truly sets her apart.

Brian Laird
Chief Commercial Officer

Brian has over 20 years of sales experience and has spent the last decade working with flight departments on their training and safety programs. Based in Melbourne, FL, he serves as our internal strategist and external ambassador for how the company interacts with the industry. Taking a holistic approach, he leads all Sales & Marketing, Customer Service, Business Development and Strategic Partnership opportunities. As a member of the executive team, Brian actively takes on the voice of our client partners to ensure their best interests are represented and kept at the forefront of our internal decision-making process.

Ruth Bouhaddi
Software Developer

Ruth enjoys developing and implementing applications and cloud solutions using a wide range of technologies and programming languages.  Her favorite coding languages are Ruby and Java.  She loves cleaning code and program architecture, which both directly align with her key focuses of quality assurance and scalability of the code we produce.

Bryan Barratt
Chief Executive Officer

With experience as an Executive, Advisor and Business Coach, Bryan brings a unique perspective to leading TrainingPort. Passionate about a thriving culture of excellence and competence, both internally, and by extension, with and for our clients. Strives to make business simple, facilitate clear communication, implement optimal solutions, and achieve alignment  –  to drive overall success for our Clients, industry partners, and TrainingPort.

Nik Chapman
Senior Vice President, Creative & Technical Operations

Nik is the company “standard bearer” and is dedicated to maintaining’s compliance requirements; he is considered our government regulations guru. Along with Scott, Nik helped build and shape into the innovative learning hub that it is now. He has been instrumental in setting standards for the business aviation training experience and in pushing the training expectations of the industry. Nik has held various leadership positions at over the years, and he combines this with active field experience as a Chief Pilot and Operations Manager.

Colin Joe
Chief Technology Officer

Colin lives and breathes technology. His role at is to provide sound technical leadership for all business activities in the company. Colin contributes his extensive experience into crafting cohesive strategies to help leverage technology for the benefit and security of our customers. As a great communicator and experienced project manager, Colin often provides guidance to his colleagues on the secrets of successful planning and execution of projects and educates them about the industry’s technological trends and best practices.

Brent Fishlock
Technical Advisor Team Lead

Brent is one of the most well-rounded professionals at Years of educational, managerial, and hands-on flying experience make Brent a great Technical Advisor Lead and content contributor. He ensures that all new regulations are properly addressed with training and that our existing training is always up-to-date. An enthusiastic and efficient thinker, Brent goes above and beyond to educate and provide valuable consultation services to business aviation professionals. As a currently active pilot flying Boeing 737 jets, Brent shares a lot of interesting anecdotes, discusses current events in the aviation world, and highlights relevant subjects in our podcast series, Training{Re}Port.

Laurie Bristow
Chief Financial Officer

Laurie oversees the finance, accounting and reporting function for He is a Chartered Accountant with over 25 years of experience in a variety of business sectors and senior roles, including VP – Finance & Administration. He has worked with companies both large and small, gaining extensive experience in, among other things, strategic planning, financial and risk management, and human resources.

Amandio Magalhaes
Software Developer

Coding and problem solving is Amandio’s true passion. He spends hours in front of a black screen filled with characters that look indecipherable to the rest of the office but result in technologically sophisticated and smart solutions that save hours of work for the whole team. Amandio’s role as a software developer is to make technological strategies come to life in the form of secure and intuitive web applications.

Camilo Bustos
Motion Graphics Designer

Guided by curiosity and a sense of exploration, the work Camilo does literally brings our training content to life. With a background in both Graphic Design and Motion Graphics, he has a unique ability to elegantly convey and simplify complex concepts through images, space, time, sound, and movement. The videos Camilo creates are highly engaging and reflect the true passion that he has for his work.

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