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Airborne Icing

Airborne Icing
Airborne Icing Resized

Topic Description

Offered in both a fixed and rotary wing version, our airborne icing topic takes an operational approach.  This topic will provide pilots with tools they can deploy when confronted with in-flight icing conditions.

4 lessons

  • How ice forms
  • Aerodynamic effects of icing: wing
  • Aerodynamic effects of icing: tail
  • Aircraft design

Topic Outline

  • The responsibilities of the pilot-in-command and other operations personnel in respect of aircraft de-icing and anti-icing procedures
  • The provisions of these Regulations, and of related standards, that relate to ground and airborne icing operations
  • The meteorological conditions that are conducive to ice, frost and snow contamination
  • Procedures relating to pre-flight inspections and to the removal of contamination
  • The hazards associated with the contamination of critical surfaces by ice, frost and snow
  • Airborne icing recognition
  • The basis of the certification of the aircraft for flight into known icing conditions
  • Airborne icing definitions and terminology
  • The aerodynamic effects of airborne icing
  • The weather patterns associated with airborne icing, including both classical and non-classical mechanisms that produce freezing precipitation
  • Flight planning and airborne icing information
  • Information specific to the private operator’s aircraft fleet that relates to the operation of de-icing and anti-icing equipment, and operational procedures relating to that equipment
  • The private operator’s directives concerning operations in airborne icing conditions set out in the private operator’s operations manual and, if established by the private operator, in the private operator’s standard operating procedures
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