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ATC Procedures

ATC Procedures
atc procedures

Topic Description

This topic is a review of the ATC system for VFR and IFR pilot operations. It covers separation standards for flying into, out of, and across controlled airspace; standard phraseology used for SIDs and STARs; terms and phrases used in critical and imminent situations; and the responsibilities of pilots and controllers in the air traffic management system.  

3 lessons

  • Flight rules and separation standards
  • ATC communications
  • Pilot and controller responsibilities

Topic Outline

  • Visual separation
  • Meteorological conditions and their effect on aircraft separation
  • ATC communications
  • Air traffic flow control
  • RNAV/RNP phraseology
  • Navigation performance and separation standards
  • Effective pilot-controller communications
  • Emergency communications
  • Responsibilities for ATC clearances, contact approaches, and radar vectors
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