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Constant Descent Angle Approach (CDAA) Review

Constant Descent Angle Approach (CDAA) Review

Topic Description

This topic consists of a review of the certification, qualification, and operational requirements for Constant Descent Angle Approaches (CDAA). The lesson describes the advantages of flying a constant descent angle during a non-precision approach and the role it plays in reducing the risk of CFIT accidents. It discusses the importance of crew coordination and the criteria the CDAA procedure needs to meet. Finally, the requirements to commence various operations and approaches are explained, with a note to review SOPs with respect to CDAA procedures.  

1 lesson

Topic Outline

  • Factors that affect altitude loss during the initiation of a missed approach
  • The conditions and requirements to commence a missed approach
  • Crew coordination
  • Computer-generated approach slope systems or other methods of computing stable approach paths
  • Temperature effects and considerations
  • SOP review respecting CDAA procedures
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