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Emergency Procedures Training (EPT)

Emergency Procedures Training (EPT)
emergency exit

Topic Description

This topic provides trainees with a comprehensive review of general emergency procedures, including fire safety, emergency evacuation, and pilot incapacitation. It provides a practical training checklist that prompts a review of aircraft-specific emergency procedures and equipment. The different components and classes of fire are explained, as well as the operations and procedures crew members must follow when an emergency or accident occurs.  

This topic has three different versions available:

  • Fixed-wing
  • Rotary-wing
  • Ground handlers (Fuel spills and fires)

2 lessons

  • Fire Safety
  • Emergency procedures training

Topic Outline

  • Use of fire extinguishers
  • Operation and use of emergency exits
  • Emergency evacuation procedures and preparations
  • Storage and use of life preservers and rafts
  • Proper use of crew and passenger oxygen
  • Procedures in case of pilot incapacitation
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