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Operations Review – FAA Part 135

Operations Review – FAA Part 135
operations manual regulations

Topic Description

This topic reviews the regulatory framework that specifies the rules, responsibilities, and procedures with which operators must comply to conduct flight operations.  

5 lessons

  • U.S. aviation regulatory framework
  • Operational control and flight locating procedures
  • Provisions of Title 14 CFR
  • Certificate and operations specifications
  • Provisions of Title 49 CFR

Topic Outline

  • The rulemaking process
  • FAA regulations (CFR, e-CFR, Federal Register)
  • Pilot resources (AIP, AIM)
  • The Convention on International Civil Aviation
  • Flight dispatch and release
  • Requirements for maintaining operational control
  • Duties and responsibilities of crewmembers
  • Weather and NOTAM information
  • Flight crewmember certification, qualifications, experience, and training requirements
  • Flight crew emergency authority, reporting requirements, and interference with crewmembers
  • Medical certificates, physical examination, and fitness-for-duty requirements
  • Flight duty and rest requirements
  • Use of supplemental oxygen
  • Recordkeeping requirements
  • Operational rules for U.S.-registered aircraft outside of the United States
  • Transportation of hazardous materials
  • Operations Specifications (OpSpecs)
  • Company manual review
  • Notification and reporting of occurrences or overdue aircraft
  • Preservation of aircraft wreckage, mail, cargo, and records
  • Airport security (Transportation Security Administration (TSA))
  • Aircraft Operator Security
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