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Instrument Procedures

Instrument Procedures
instrument proecedures

Topic Description

This topic reviews different types of instrument procedures, including approaches and departures, to help pilots navigate in the IFR environment safely. The first part of the training covers procedures for connecting the enroute environment through the terminal environment to the approach phase. The second part covers procedures which provide obstruction clearance from the terminal area to the enroute structure.    

3 lessons

  • Instrument approach procedures - part 1
  • Instrument approach procedures - part 2
  • Instrument Departure procedures

Topic Outline

  • Definitions
  • Holding patterns
  • Terminal Arrival Area (TAA)
  • Procedure turns
  • Precision approaches
  • Non-precision approaches
  • Circling approaches
  • Visual approaches
  • Contact approaches
  • Visual cues before and during descent below DA/DH or MDA
  • Obstacle Departure Procedures (ODPs)
  • Standard Instrument Departures (SIDs)
  • Diverse Vector Areas (DVAs)
  • Terminal Procedures Publication (TPP) notations
  • Design considerations for building and certifying DPs
  • Criteria used to provide obstruction clearance during departure
  • Pilot responsibilities for maintaining appropriate terrain and obstruction clearance
  • Planning considerations for flying DPs safely
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