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Meteorology Review

Meteorology Review

Topic Description

Our meteorology lessons review severe weather, including wind shear, clear air turbulence, high altitude and frontal weather, and the risks these phenomena pose to flight. The lessons discuss the formation of these phenomena, as well as their different types and effects. Instructions on how to prepare, avoid, or, if absolutely necessary, fly through these phenomena are explained. Content is tailored to fixed-wing pilots.  

7 lessons

  • Wind shear
  • Thunderstorms and convective turbulence
  • Fronts
  • Mountain waves
  • High-altitude weather
  • Fog
  • Ice crystals

Topic Outline

  • How to anticipate, expect, and prepare for wind shear
  • Formation of thunderstorms and convective turbulence
  • Frontal weather and the jet stream
  • Mid-latitude cyclones
  • Mountain waves and their formation
  • High altitude weather
  • Properties and formation of fog
  • Ice crystals
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