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OHS – Communicable Disease Prevention

OHS – Communicable Disease Prevention
communicable disease prevention

Topic Description

This topic is designed to enable operators to develop an appropriate response so that they can continue to operate during a pandemic safely and effectively. It focuses on effective planning, safety measures, and protocols for handling infectious disease and illness both in-flight and post-flight.  

4 lessons

  • Preparedness
  • Operator response to infectious disease, part 1
  • Operator response to infectious disease, part 2
  • Scenario

Topic Outline

  • Suggested protocols for preventing the spread of infection
  • Changes to a typical flight experience during a pandemic
  • Crew response to passenger/crewmember illness
  • Cleaning and disinfection of contaminated areas
  • PPE disposal
  • Critical components of an Infectious Disease Control Response Plan
  • Pre-flight assessment, including risk levels for infectious disease
  • Crewmember assessment and passenger screening
  • Universal Precaution Kit
  • Risk mitigation for ground transportation and accommodation when overnighting
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