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Performance Airspace: RNP 4

Performance Airspace: RNP 4

Topic Description

RNP 4 is an ICAO Performance Based Navigation designation that can be found in oceanic and remote continental airspace. RNP 4 relies primarily on GNSS to support the navigation element of the airspace concept, and supports 30 NM lateral by 30 NM longitudinal separation tolerances if FANS or ATN technology such as CPDLC and ADS-C are utilized. In some States, aircraft qualified for RNP 4 operations automatically qualify for RNP 10 operations, which includes WATRS Plus airspace.  

1 lesson



  • Performance Airspace: RNAV and RNP
  • Performance Airspace: RNAV 1 and 2

Topic Outline

  • Communication and surveillance
  • Flight planning
  • Navigation performance requirements
  • En route procedures
  • Contingency procedures
  • Where RNP 4 airspace and routes can be found including NAT HLA
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