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Blog’s President, Scott Macpherson, introduces new CEO, Bryan Barratt


Author: Scott Macpherson and Bryan Barratt started in 2005 because there was an unrecognized need in our industry for comprehensive, risk-based training in topics not covered by the providers of type training or general classroom courses. Training in response to operators’ real risks was a haphazard affair and usually left many gaps, with record-keeping found wanting during audits. I found it to be one of my greatest challenges while running a flight department.

I am very grateful that since its start, has grown steadily and to the point that I often felt that I needed to get out of the operational work of the company to focus on where the industry needs us to go next, and even after that. To allow for that, we require professional executive management, so I am happy that Bryan Barratt has been on board since May of 2018 as COO. Now, to complete this phase of our transition plan, Bryan is taking on the role of CEO of I am in the happy position of being able to own a company that I can be part of while stepping back into my professional role: flying and continuing to provide support to flight department managers.

I feel very privileged to be in this position and thank all of the clients who have made this possible; I look forward to seeing you in FBOs and on ramps again. Please feel free to call me. I’ll still be reachable through the office because, well, I still work here, but I’ll be travelling and doing research to determine what and when our next offerings will be.

Please welcome Bryan. You will find him to be a most approachable and capable leader at!

a black and white portrait of Bryan Barratt
Bryan Barratt, CEO

I’m honored and excited to transition to the CEO role at

I had the good fortune to meet Scott Macpherson several years ago through mutual contacts at church, and as I got to know Scott, I quickly grew to admire his leadership traits and his passion to firmly stand for what he believes in. He is a man of such integrity and passion, having built from nothing to the industry leader it is today.

With his extensive knowledge of BizAv operations (focused on how to effectively and efficiently lead a corporate flight department), extensive flying experience, and a strong sense of wanting to mentor and give back to the industry, he is well-positioned to move to a role spending more time talking with clients and industry leaders about upcoming challenges and how to find best solutions for them. I also think he still sees himself spending more time in the cockpit!

As I take over leading daily operations, I’m excited to further bring my experience to and to get to know those of you I have not yet met.

I have a corporate, ‘non-aviation’ background, and hence look forward to continuing my steep ‘industry learning curve,’ but I also know effective leadership does not need ‘technical training’ in any specific industry.

I know that with a clearly aligned purpose, a strong awareness of our corporate values (representing who we are and what we do), and excellent talent, we will continue to provide great service and value to our existing and future clients. We remain committed to ‘Helping Business Aviation Professionals Excel.’

We have lots of new ideas and training approaches we’re currently working on, so please stay tuned for more in 2019! I look forward to further discussion with you. Please feel free to drop me a comment at

Here’s to a prosperous and safe 2019 for our industry!

Stay focused… and have fun,


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