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WATRS now included in New North Atlantic Contingency Procedures effective March 28, 2019

Regs | June 6, 2019

Author: Brent Fishlock

A second NAT Ops Bulletin 2018_005 Rev 1 (dated 13 February 2019) has added the NY Oceanic West (WATRS) Airspace to the list of Oceanic Control Areas (OCA) where the new oceanic contingency procedures become applicable March 28, 2019.

As per the NAT Ops Bulletin 2018_005 Rev 1 dated 13 February 2019, the contingency procedure applies to the following OCAs:

  • Gander (CZQX)
  • Shanwick (EGGX)
  • Santa Maria (LPPO)
  • Bodø (ENOB)
  • Reykjavik (BIRD)
  • Nuuk (BGGL)
  • NY Ocean East (considered NAT) – just added on February 13th
  • NY Ocean West (KZWY) or WATRS

Contingency procedures in other OCAs remain unchanged.

Refer to the actual document; however, briefly, here are the basic differences in the procedures:

If there is a requirement to depart the track system due to a medical, engine failure, depressurization, icing, turbulence, etc. and an ATC clearance cannot be obtained:

  • The turn right or left away from the cleared track should be at least 30° (other procedure is 45°)
  • Establish a 5 NM parallel offset from the cleared track (other procedure is 15 NM)
  • Minimize altitude loss if possible until the parallel is established
  • ICAO strongly recommends descending below FL290 prior to diverting

For a weather deviation when a revised ATC clearance cannot be obtained, the differences include:

  • Maintain cleared flight level if deviation of less than 5 NM is required (prior procedure was 10 NM);
  • Otherwise, offset altitude at 5 NM up or down 300 feet as per the procedure.

If your flight will go through the NAT or New York WATRS to another Oceanic Control Area, you might have to be ready to use two different contingency procedures on the same flight based on where the emergency occurs. Ensure you are familiar with the OCA boundaries.

Again, Bulletin 2018_005 Revision 1 released on February 13th 2019 added WATRS airspace to this new contingency procedure.

Tr topics RNP 10 and NAT HLA MNPS will contain this training.

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