Single Pilot Resource Management

7 Lessons

Single pilot operations present unique challenges not faced in a multi-crew environment. Our SRM topic explores the effective use of all resources available to single pilot operators to meet those challenges and improve safety and efficiency. Single pilot case studies are reviewed and evaluated, highlighting both positive and negative aspects. Threat and error management and human factors are also key components of this topic.

Delivery of the topic may be adjusted to meet specific requirements, e.g., it may be delivered as a “Standalone Initial Topic” per TC AC 700-042, which applies to Canadian commercial clients. Additional synchronous learning modules have been added to meet operator/trainee-specific requirements.

 Topic Outline

  • Threat and error management;
  • Communication;
  • Situational awareness;
  • Pressure and stress;
  • Fatigue;
  • Workload management;
  • Decision making;
  • Leadership and team building;
  • Automation and technology management;
  • “Surprise and Startle” effect and its mitigation strategies;
  • Resilience development;
  • Relevant case study template (TC AC 700-042 only);
  • Current safety trends template (TC AC 700-042 only); and
  • Evacuation drills template (TC AC 700-042 only).

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