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EFB Training Now Available from

Author: staff   In response to client requests as well as evolving industry needs, we’ve released a new online...

Read More Gives Clients Free Solution to New HazCom Regulation

Occupational Health and Safety | November 21, 2013

Author: staff is now offering our newly updated Hazard Communication topic to all of our US trainees...

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Reminder about our special promotional offer

SRM, Weather Radar | November 18, 2013

Author: staff There is only 1 week left to sign up for our special promotional offer on Single Pilot Resource Management...

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An Ops Spec to qualify an operator to receive an Ops Spec…

Performance Airspace | November 8, 2013

Author: Scott Macpherson When started in 2006, there was a list of, at most, 20 topics that business aircraft...

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ADS-B Training Available – Free

ADS-B, Performance Airspace | November 7, 2013

Author: staff   We’ve released a new topic, ADS-B, and we’re making it available to our complete subscription clients at no...

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NBAA 2013 a Success for

Weather Radar, Regs | October 29, 2013

Author: Scott Macpherson was very busy at NBAA 2013. We started off with our press conference, where we presented...

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Behind the Scenes at Airborne Weather Radar

Weather Radar | October 23, 2013

Author: staff We just released a new topic to our online storefront – Airborne Weather Radar (available for purchase...

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Why We Do This: The Origins of

Author: Scott Macpherson During the first 12 years of my flying career, 12 young men I knew lost their lives....

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The Importance of Single Pilot Resource Management for Light Business Aircraft Pilots

SRM, CRM | April 24, 2013

Author: Robert A. Wright If you operate a light business aircraft (LBA) as a single pilot, you need to be...

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CPR Changes and “Hands-Only” CPR

Occupational Health and Safety | January 30, 2013

Author: Sue Engman Lazear, RN, MN   A number of advances have been recently recommended by experts for performing CPR...

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Managing Fatigue in 2013

Human Factors | January 29, 2013

Author: Alertness Solutions   In 2012, the US Federal Aviation Administration issued new duty and rest requirements for commercial airlines....

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Risk Management: A Critical Element of Single Pilot Resource Management, Part 3

SRM | January 28, 2013

In the first two parts of this series, I described how single pilots of light business aircraft can identify and...

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